Susan Mitchell’s hatchet job on Abbott fails…miserably

From Andrew Bolt and The Australian’s Cut&Paste:

Susan Mitchell, author of a hatchet job on the “misogynist” Tony Abbott, explains on ABC Radio 891 Adelaide just which of his views offends her:

SUSAN Mitchell: Let’s put women aside. Let’s talk about voluntary euthanasia. A lot of people, a majority of people in this country, want to see that actually happen. They want to be given the right to choose, or they want [it] to be, they want [it] at least to be on the agenda. Tony Abbott is against that. A lot of people are in favour of . . .

Chris Kenny: So where does Julia Gillard line up on gay marriage or euthanasia?

Mitchell: I’m not talking about Julia Gillard.

Kenny: Exactly. You’re talking about Abbott but both sides of politics are in furious agreement on these social issues.

Mitchell: Excuse me, excuse me, Chris. Julia Gillard’s not within [a] whisker of becoming prime minister at this stage. That is my point.

Kenny: No, actually, she is the Prime Minister.

Host Ian Henschke: She is the Prime Minister. Actually . . .Mitchell: I mean of becoming, you know, the next prime minister.

Does Mitchell realise how foolish and hypocritical she sounds?

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The more they vilify Abbott … the more we like him

The more Labor and the left ‘expose’ Tony Abbott to vilify him, the more Australian men and women like him ! You gotta start feeling sorry for Labor… almost.

From Andrew Bolt:

Here’s the most damning picture of Tony Abbott that Susan Mitchell’s publisher could find to brand him as a dangerous misogyist. Who knew that barbecues were such a statement of an ideological position?

Miranda Devine on one the silliest and spiteful attacks on Abbott yet published by the Left:
Female Abbott-haters are a particular type. Like Mitchell, they cling to a 1970s view of feminism, still resent the patriarchy, and sneer at red-blooded blokes. The photograph on the cover of Mitchell’s book, of Abbott barbecuing sausages, encapsulates what they loathe.

A muscular, sweaty meat-eater wielding tongs. Ugh. Her book is the first shot by the progressive Left to stop Abbott taking office.
Female Abbott-haters are a particular type. Like Mitchell, they cling to a 1970s view of feminism, still resent the patriarchy, and sneer at red-blooded blokes. The photograph on the cover of Mitchell’s book, of Abbott barbecuing sausages, encapsulates what they loathe.

A muscular, sweaty meat-eater wielding tongs. Ugh. Her book is the first shot by the progressive Left to stop Abbott taking office. Read the rest…

If commenters are anything to go by, people have seen through the Abott smear campaign:

I’m always puzzled why people believe Abbott is an unhinged loony waiting to spring into action when his stable family life and loyal staff numbers say exactly the opposite.  Contrast that with Rudd’s oddball behavior, dummy spits over hair-dryers and staff churn and the contrast couldn’t be more different. Coconut of QLD (Reply)


Yes, the left realise that Abbott will make a great PM as more & more people see that he isn’t the big bogey man that the left paint him out to be, and when elected will put the Labor Party into the wilderness for at least a decade. Blame Tony ABBOTT. of Maaroom. (Reply)


What a man!!  Tony has a wife; three beautiful daughters who are the apples of his eye; loves his footie; belongs to a surf club; volunteers as a fire fighter; has a mortgage; goes to church; loves a barbie; gets away with family and friends at Christmas to a caravan park in his van down the south coast.

This is your typical Aussie male!  We Aussie females love them!  Our Aussie Larakins!!  They are part of what shaped our wonderful country!  They are the offspring of those that fought on distant shores. Their parents and grandparents worked side by side to give us this great nation!  And the socialist left of politics wants us to forget about this; forget about our struggles; forget about our Anzacs and forget about our way of life!!  They forget too that when they denigrate Tony Abbott, they are denigrating the Aussie male.

Give me a hard working Aussie male anyday!  Oh did I forget to tell you that Tony Abbott has a double degree in Law & Economics and is a Rhodes Scholar with a Masters in Philosophy & Politics? What a great leader he will make!  A typical Aussie male! ausebell of nature coast (Reply)


Look on the bright side Andrew.  Abbott is getting more and more publicity.  I think this will be good and people will know more and more about the real Abbott, unlike the unreal Gillard.  The same applies to you Andrew with your name being blasted by various left leaning fools.  The harder they criticise the better for Abbott and you.  It keeps the fire going so that even after two years people will recall all the destructive actions by the current extreme left government and hopefully will still be awake to boot them out of office forever. Peter of Sydney (Reply)

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“Tony Abbott will bring back WorkChoices”

From Judith Sloane at Catalaxy Files:

It came somewhat out of the blue when Tony Abbott declared that “We don’t support statutory individual contracts. We did once, but we don’t now.” And notwithstanding some less than gentle prodding from some very senior Coalition ex-politicians, most notably the two Peters – Reith and Costello – he is standing his ground. “What I also made crystal clear is that we want to work within the existing act. I think there is a lot of scope within the existing act to make individual flexibility agreements more practical, more workable, more effective.” So the position is no to statutory individual agreements (known as Australian Workplace Agreements – AWAs – under the Workplace Relations Act and Work Choices) but yes to revising the provisions that govern the individual flexibility arrangements – IFAs – that are contained in the Fair Work Act. This decision by Abbott, which apparently is not supported by all members of the Coalition, begs a number of questions. What are the key differences between AWAs and IFAs? What can be achieved with AWAs that cannot be achieved with IFAs? What are the main changes that need to be made to the IFA provisions to make them more “practical, workable and effective”, to use Abbott’s adjectives?   Read on…

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Tony Abbott’s record lead over Julia Gillard: Newspoll

Dennis Shanahan, Political editor, From: The Australian, September 06, 2011
“…Ms Gillard’s net satisfaction rating – the difference between voter satisfaction and dissatisfaction – is now minus 45 per cent. As Ms Gillard’s personal standing fell, Mr Abbott jumped clear to a nine-point lead over her as the preferred prime minister, with a rise in support from 39 per cent to 43 per cent. Ms Gillard’s support fell four points to a new low of 34 per cent.”

I was at a dinner on Saturday, when a fellow diner opined that Abbott is as much responsible for this Labor government mess as Gillard and Rudd. This is a meme that Labor has carefully cultivated – the always negative Abbott, Abbott the wrecker. It has worked on my fellow diner and it has worked on the public: as Abbott performance in the poll is steady, with 52% dissatisfied with the question of “Are you satisfied with the way Tony Abbott is doing his job as a leader of the Opposition??

It is understood that an opposition leader attacks against a government at a personal popularity cost. But I wonder if people know what that job of the opposition really should be. Being an ‘alternative government’ means little, so I am not sure I know exactly. I wonder what past ‘good’ Opposition leaders have done. Maybe with some research…

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Kelly: Doubts increase about Tony Abbott’s economic grasp? – No, say commenters

The Gillard Government’s plan to defend their indefensible performance and integrity is through one of the political left’s favorite weapons: relativism.

Labor can no longer hide their incompetence (pink bats, BER), their backflips (East Timor, cattle trade, super tax) , their lies (….well, you all know them)  and insane policies (Carbon Tax, NBN). So instead, they ‘project’ these onto Tony Abbott to make him seem relatively just as bad: (1) he is economically/scientifically incompetent, (2) he changes his mind all the time (e.g. allegedly on climate), (3) he is untrustworthy (unless scripted), (4) he has no policies. Most PM go years without mentioning the opposition leader’s name, this PM can’t answer a question without relating it to Abbott.

Paul Kelly weighs in to promote the government’s mantra #1 in The Australian – the “Abbott is economically incompetent” mantra in relation to Abbott’s recent address to the Committee for Economics Development:

Doubts increase about Tony Abbott’s economic grasp.

Paul Kelly, Editor-at-large August 30, 2011 12:00AM

TONY Abbott has intensified doubts about his economic credentials and policy beliefs by leaving open all possible options for solutions to the manufacturing industry crisis.

The Opposition Leader is a victim of his political success. Having stolen much of the Labor base vote, Abbott is reluctant to pledge a firm position on manufacturing one way or another lest he forfeit his voting gains. He has, in fact, two positions. He says pro-market policy is preferred and “picking winners” is bad, but adds “on the other hand” that a “respectable case” for heavy manufacturing can be made on grounds of national security, economic diversity and avoiding shutting down industry that might be given an economic reprieve later….

The only problem is that the readers are more informed than the ‘Editor-at-large’. The comments ran at least 5 to 1 in defense of Abbott’s sensible  and ranged from simple facts, like that Abbot has a double Degree in Economics and Law and a Masters in Politics and Philosophy to just plain common sense to considered technical responses:

Belinda Jones of perth Posted at 12:19 AM August 30, 2011 Paul, Paul The man is absolutely right. What good is a defense force if China is the only country that makes steel and army boots. Be reasonable. One of the problems we have is we have theorists like you rubbishing sound principles, let the man speak without ridicule.

David Houghton of Tasmania Posted at 9:07 AM August 30, 2011 I have read the extract of Abbott’s speech to the Committee for Economic Development of Australia and do not come to the conclusions which Paul Kelly does. Abbott spoke with clarity and common sense about the problems which exist with manufacturing in Australia and acknowledged there is no magic bullet for solution other than sound economic management by the Government. The Opposition would be foolish to give a blueprint to the inept Labor Party and so can and will, quite rightly, only talk in generalities at this stage of the election cycle.

John Pollard of Grange Posted at 9:05 AM August 30, 2011 You mean he has a policy that selectively chooses the appropriate economic response for individual industries facing different economic drivers, providing different economic outcomes and labour market imposts. Sounds like a measured and balanced approach than the ‘one size fits all’ economic rationalism of whcih you you seem so enamoured.
umms n aahs of ???? Posted at 10:09 AM August 30, 2011 A lot of people are forgetting that Abbott has a double Degree in Economics and Law (therefore it is best not to assume and get all the facts before acting) and also a Masters in Politics and Philosophy, so off course people think he is all over the place, because he waits for all the facts before acting (never let the cat out of the bag) for others to gain benefit & that is why Labor is constantly blaming him and not dealing with the real issues in Australia.




What about the comments agreeing with Mr Kelly? They are so uniformly sloganeering without addressing the issue in the article, that I strongly suspect they are done by a professional promotional blogging company:

I fear he is becoming a flip-flop leader, who will do or say anything to become PM.

“God help us all if Tony Abbott becomes PM”. He’s simply not fit for the job. He tries to have two bob each way on everything. Descriptives such as ‘Weather Vane, Phoney Tony & populist opportunist’ are spot on for me.

Whether it be carbon pricing, industry policy, water policy or any other issue. He has a different version of his beliefs for every audience he meets. It is why he is becoming so manic with his insistent calls for an immediate election.

Of course you could have been even more critical because Abbott is unwilling to pledge a position on any policy. He’s a self-interested lightweight with no real concern for anyone but himself. Bring on Malcolm Turnbull.

The man will say and do anything to get into the Lodge. Problem is nobody seems to notice that he will say anything to anyone to get support and seems to constantly get away with these contradictions. He is bereft if all beliefs and actual policies except one, he believes he should be PM. Genuinely breathtaking hypocrisy .

The public is finally catching onto this government’s tactic. As some of the commenters said, anyone would have to be better that Gillard, but Tony Abbott has the credentials, integrity, stamina, common sense and connection with people to be a pretty good if not great Australian PM. We certainly need one for the uncertain times ahead.

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Whatever the problem, blame Abbott

Niki Savva in The Australian today says it so much better than I can:

The Prime Minister and her ministers automatically click on to two spin cycles: the first that almost everything that goes wrong flows from Abbott’s sins of commission or omission; and the second is that if people think they’re bad then look at how hopeless the opposition is. Please. Read on.

The only policy Labor has implemented successfully is to convince people that Abbott is somehow responsible for Labor’s mess or is no better, despite not being in government.

It started with the clanger that Abbott stood for nothing and had no vision, when he actually is one of the few politicians who wrote a whole book on what he wants to do as a Prime Minister – ‘Battlelines’ (summarized here and likely policies analyzed here).

Since then, Labor has been one big projection machine – if they stuff up – Abbott is incompetent. If they’re being hypocritical, he is a big hypocrite, if they overspend, he is economically illiterate, if they back down, he flip flops, if they are criminally morally reprehensible over Thompson, Abbott has a shoplifter and was immoral in the past with his child or something, On and on.

We don’t fall for school children saying – oouuuww Miss, but he did it too. Why don’t journalists wake up and say “I did not ask about Mr Abbott, he is not in government, you are and I asked about you and your performance”.

If and when Abbott is in government, then by all means rip into him.

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Mr Tony Abbott’s address to the Convoy Of No Confidence

Leader of the opposition, Tony Abbott gives an unscripted address to the Convoy Of No Confidence – Parliament House – 22nd August 201.

“The first responsibility of Prime Ministers the first responsibility of politicians is to stay in touch with the people they represent.”

“…the fact that so many of you have come so far show that you care a very great deal about the future of our country. Our democracy will be in safe hands as long as the people of this country continue to care about it and you care about it.”

“Not all of you always agree with me and I don’t always agree with everything that people put to me either. But all of us here today agree that we don’t need a carbon tax and all of us agree that we need an election. We say no to a carbon tax because we say yes to man industry yes to affordable transportation  we says yes to affordable energy and affordable power in this country. “

“We will oppose the carbon tax in opposition and we will rescind it in government. But the more of you who come out, the more of you who make your views known to your Labor or independent member of parliament, the more likely we are to stop this bad tax stone dead.”

Full transcript of  Mr Abbott’s address.

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Abbott vs. Gillard

The two candidates, what a difference



Lets look at the difference between the two candidates
and what a stark contrast between the two

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Congratulations … Tony Abbott
A true Aussie Hero…

…and by the looks of the body language of his family ….a loved and respected father and husband . But then again, I think Australia has already worked that out and ignored the Labor vitriol.

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Labor's Digital Future Matrix Spoof Part1-3

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