Gillard/Rudd Record

List of policy and governance failures by the Rudd/Gillard Labor Government since 2007

Remember $1 billion = $1,000 Million.

1. Grocery Watch

2. Fuel Watch

3. Climate Change “greatest moral challenge” abandonment

4. Copenhagen 114 person strong extravaganza & failure

5. $275 million 31, later 450 GP Super Clinics promised, only three delivered

6. $47 billion National Broadband white elephant, without a business plan

7. 2.1 Billion Laptop for every child – without infrastructure

8. Mandatory Internet Filter – dangerous, ineffective, mis-managed

9. Litigation of Japan whaling – empty PC rhetoric

10. Commonwealth Health takeover replaced with pretend ‘reform’

11. Murray Darling River State non-deal

12. Rudd economic conservative turned anti-capitalist, now Gillard

13. Foreign policy damage– China, Japan, Indonesia, India

14. Asylum Boat people arrivals explosion & its denial for year

15. Stimulus spending too big, too late and mainly on Labor electorates

16. Bank interest rates rises due to over stimulus

17. Industrial relations rollback to pre-Keating era

18. Wild Rivers legislation support harms aborigines

19. More not less Secretive Government – less granted FOI’s

20. Public Housing promise undelivered

21. 2020 Summit – staged celebrity talk-fest

22. Promise to retain universal Private Health rebate broken

23. Rudd promise to make Canberra his base

24. Promise to clean up election funding broken

25. $3.45 billion pink bat Home Insulation debacle

26. $275 Million Green Loans debacle

27. Raise the standard of Ministerial responsibility abandoned

28. Political advertising ombudsman promised then dismantled

29. $534 Million Solar Panel Rebate sudden withdrawal

30. Halve homeless by 2020 / by 20% by 2013 – instead rising

31. Build 222 childcare centres – abandoned

32. Pacific Workers Scheme failure

33. Meat imports restarted from mad cow disease countries without consultation

34. Mining Tax mis-design, mis-management & lies on tax rates

35. $38.5 million for a pro-mining tax ad campaign

36. 1 Billion Cash for Clunkers greenwash stupidity

37. Bullying East Timor for our detention centre

38. 150 Citizen’s council for Climate stupidity

39. Pork barrelling infra-structure grants to Labor seats – auditor

40. Gillard opposition to pension increase for non-Labor voting  pensioners

41. National Security Committee run by ex-bodyguard

…I believe high ideology is no excuse for sheer incompetence.

19 Responses to Gillard/Rudd Record

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anthony Armstrong says:

    “What goes around, comes around!”

  3. valery wisniewski says:

    The list/file on “ginger’s” failures is only a drop in the ocean regarding her incompetency to run Australia!!!Her gross mismanagement skills ,which are a nightmare come true make Tolstoy’s War and Peace a bed-time story.She is a typical lying commie with plenty of whooaaa……but no go!Commo’s are only good at promising and destroying,not doing and building.

    • Gordon Evans says:

      Excellent and absolutely correct valery. This compulsive lying, incompetent buffoon, will say and do ANYTHING to cling to power, and remain the gloved puppet of the communist union bosses like Shorten, Ludwig, and other faceless faction leaders- The real sad thing is we have to reward this maggot for her incompetence by paying her for the rest of her life a huge amount of money and Fringe Benefits for absolute failour

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Gillard Government .. The worst is Australian history .. Time to go !

  6. b.lawrence says:

    you think labour will say and do anything to stay in power?
    OMG, Abbott is the one that will say and do anything to get into the PM club.
    Its surprising the continous doom and gloom about the countries economy isnt matched by the reality of our AAA rating.
    How you can say this is your favourite poly is the real scary thing here.
    I feel sorry for poor old turnbull. He must be so frustrated being overlooked by a halfbreed like abbott.
    Fairdinkum, Abbott is dangerous

  7. APenNameAndThatA says:

    Add to that
    1. Making the female RAAF person cry because he had the wrong meal.
    2. Being upset that the did not have a hair dryer.
    3. Being rude to the makeup artist before the televised debate.
    4. Taking food from someone’s plate when he was campaigning: a potato chip.
    5. Being so obnoxious to his own party that they dumped him while he was PM.
    6. Not consulting with people, saying he would change, and not changing.

  8. bern says:


    Intestering reading this now with Abbott govenment 100 days old. Bet a different song is being sung now.
    The 40 odd points mentioned are mostly just the writers opinion – not fact. Look at of point 40. How can any govenment limit pension increases to just their supporters.

    Abbott is without doubt the worst pm in Australia’s history and now we have 52% + of the population saying this. Not what I wanted and not what I expected but he is not up to the job.

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