From Andrew Bolt, can’t stop laughing:

A week ago a lynch party of the group-think Left thought it smart to mock Abbott by sneering at the Australian flags flown during his key speech on national security:

Leonore Taylor, The Guardian: The speech was delivered at the Australian federal police headquarters, where the prime minister was flanked by three ministers, scores of officials and six Australian flags…

Mike Seccombe, The Saturday Paper: But two flags were not enough for Tony Abbott’s national security statement on Monday. There were six.

Paula Matthewson, The New Daily: Not one, two or even four Australian flags festooned the stage, but six proud banners bristled on the platform…

Abbott’s response? Eight flags as a ‘up yours’ to the press frenzy.

I was deeply disappointed about Sect 18C, but Abbott has been learning and changing over the past 23 weeks. A strong, in-touch and communicating Abbott is the best for Australia.

And one more thing, for all the criticism of Abbott from us conservatives and Libertarians, we should have made one thing clear:

Abbott at his disappointing worst, is still the best of the lot.



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