How would Abbott govern?

By: TOM DUSEVIC in the Australian today.

…You see, Abbott is neither the ideological and religious-freak terminator progressives fear; nor is he likely to satisfy the pro-market, small-government urgers who hope for a completion of the program John Howard and Peter Costello might have delivered if they had not lost (their way).

Abbott is a suck-it-and-see pragmatist, not an ideologue; an economic neophyte who, you sense, has never embraced the dismal science or trusted its most ardent practitioners; a values campaigner, a fogey for sure, but one entirely within the mainstream of Australian life. Give me balance or give me death! Read the article…

Funny, Abbott is criticised for being a conservative Attila the Hun, and being too timid and too spendthrift (“On many aspects of social policy his heart is softer than his confreres, Labor-ish even”).

“Abbott prefers well-worn soundbites” – well we know how the press hounded him and misquoted him when he spoke candidly. He had to learned to speak like a politician. We reap what we sow.

Seems like if anything, he is a safe pair of hands – he won;t frighten liberals, may please some Labor spendthrifts and may disappoint those on the right, but then who else are they going to vote for.


who may not reform enough. Since Labor is certainly not going to reform anything, there is no reason not to vote for Abbott.
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