What’s wrong with ‘no’?

Tony Abbott has been berated by Labor for being Dr No for opposing their disastrous policies, blaming him for their incompetence now visible to all, despite the fact they have a ruling majority with their Greens partners in both houses in parliament. The MSM is all on board – Abbott can do no right.

When Abbott actually agrees with a policy, like the National Disability Insurance Scheme and suggests a bipartisan parliamentary committee, the MSM berates him for being opportunist:

TONY Abbott will move to prevent Labor claiming full political ownership.

Go figure.

About Abbott’s alleged negativity, Chris Berg, Research Fellow with the Institute of Public Affairs, had a good analysis on the ABC’s Drum, of all places.

Abbott is a conservative, and one who understands what conservatism means. His book Battlelines heavily cites Edmund Burke and Roger Scruton. No fair reading would dismiss his discussion of conservatism as lightweight. Abbott has tried to shape the Liberal Party as not simply a conservative party, but a philosophically conservative party.

For a philosophical conservative, change should be incremental and hesitant. Even reluctant. In Battlelines, Abbott approvingly quotes the philosopher Michael Oakeshott when he said the “modern mindset” is “in love with change … fascination of what is new is felt far more keenly than the comfort of what is familiar.”

Abbott responds that the known status quo, with all its flaws, is preferable to a hypothetical ideal.

“Conservatism prefers facts to theory… To a conservative, intuition is as important as reasoning, instinct as important as intellect.” Read the rest…

The commentator’s entries are revealing of some of the reasoning behind the Abbott-hating ABC audience,
Much of it is straight from Karl Marx’s teaching.

For example, Mulga Mumblebrain:

…Our system of most hereditary plutocracy, with a thin veneer of sham ‘democracy’ tacked on for cosmetic propaganda purposes, thrives on that great Anglosphere institution-adversarialism. In that system all human behaviour is reduced to a competition, not, as the risible agit-pop peddled by the likes of Berg asserts, to get the best results, but in order to divide humanity, over and over again, into ‘winners’ and ‘losers’

Or Totem Lesson II

…And as such Abbott and his fellow Conservatives should be, and will be, resisted at every turn….resisted for two prime reasons: one, for sustaining an inequality in our society, and two, for engaging in that historical absurdity of denying “change”.

It is Marx’s class struggle between the Proletariat exploited by the Bourgeois, conservatives / capitalists resisting change for selfish reasons not because things are working, change which is historically necessary, change which the intelligentsia must deliver through dialectic and by any means possible because they are certain of being morally right in imposing their views.

Thus progressives have morphed into socialists

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